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PVC Pipe

09 October 2020 ❤ 1
PVC Pipe

You often hear the word PVC, but what is it? It is the most common material used in plumbing and drainage systems. It is primarily a white plastic pipe that has completely replaced the silver metal pipes. Why it is better than metal pipes?
Due to the following reasons:
Affordability/ Low cost
Easy installation

Easy installing is one of the most prominent features of PVC pipes because you do not need much of the man power. Above all, it is thermoplastic that can be adapted and molded to any shape by an easy melting process.

Now lets talk about the CPVC, you can think of it as a very close relative of PVC, however, they are different from each other in many ways. Both PVC and CPVC contain the basic elements, however, there is one remarkable factor that makes them different from each other. The composition of the CPVC is changed by a radical process that effectively increases the chlorine part of the material.

This composition change enables CPVC to hold a variety of temperature changes hence increasing its efficiency.

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But all of the business were effected by covid, even i had to close my business.

By george, 19 Jan 21


a business offers employment opportunities to the people by which they can generate income and improve the quality of life.

By Riya, 18 Jan 21


There is a profit in doing wholesale business.

By Chaplin, 11 Oct 20