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Photography in 21st Century

15 January 2021 ❤ 5
Photography in 21st Century

Photography could be defined as an art that is irreplaceable. Photography could be termed as the passion of capturing memories that could provide you the whole picture in your flashback. Photography is the whole package that includes stories, interest, values and what not. Now on the world of diversification, the eye of the camera is considered to be one of the strongest weapon against the crime, and on the other hand people are using the same camera eye to blackmail, fraud etc.

We all must have taken some pictures in the past and now if we go through them it would take us to the same exact place where we had been through in the past. You could even sell out our photos in good prices, and if you are pro in photography you and one could even hire you for capturing their happy or sad moments, only if your skill are good. I would suggest you all t start photography and start making memories.


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I love the way how you concisely wrote about the pro and cons of photography. I am sure i would be helpful for someone.

By sam, 25 Jan 21


Do add more information.

By El Hopper, 12 Oct 20


Do add more information about photographers.

By Jesi, 07 Oct 20

Helpful in choosing career!

I was looking for some business to start and then I have found this topic here "photography." It gave me an idea to choose it as my career cause I have an interest in it.

By Shawn, 03 Oct 20