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What is photography?

30 December 2020 ❤ 6
What is photography?

What is photography? Photography is the art, craft, and discipline of making photographs by taking light, either by means of an optical lens, through an optical lens, or chemically through a light-sensitive substance like photographic film, to capture light. In order to take a photograph, one needs either a digital camera or a film camera, and the ability to see clearly with a minimum of light and to use the appropriate equipment in dim or dark places. A photographer must be able to control all the conditions, such as lighting, angles, distances, and speed, so that the image he/she makes is as near to perfect as possible.

Can you tell what is photography from real life? It can't be learned only from books. For example, I took a photograph of my dog jumping on a rug, while I stood in front of my house with the dog on my shoulders. I told the story to my niece, who was fascinated, because it was a "real photograph." She thought to herself, "That's the kind of photography I want to become a photographer." That's how photography works, regardless of what the photographer views it as.


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I love the way how you concisely wrote about the pro and cons of photography. I am sure i would be helpful for someone.

By sam, 25 Jan 21


Do add more information.

By El Hopper, 12 Oct 20


Do add more information about photographers.

By Jesi, 07 Oct 20

Helpful in choosing career!

I was looking for some business to start and then I have found this topic here "photography." It gave me an idea to choose it as my career cause I have an interest in it.

By Shawn, 03 Oct 20