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Why Canon Is Better Then Nikon

13 January 2021 ❤ 1
Why Canon Is Better Then Nikon

Canon is one of the most renowned brand when it comes to DSLR digital single-lens reflex camera. Canon have been providing their customers with the most best came in reasonable price. After making their name bright in the field of digital camera they have now stepped into the world of Dslr , and up till now they have been leading this as well. They have been providing their customers with the most best cameras, and even in the low budget cameras series they have been providing their customers with the best camera in that particular range.

If we take about canon 1200d and canon 600d they have been the back bone of canon. Canon is recognized all over the world because of their low accessory cost, that attract the buyer to buy their product. The price of their accessories ie lenses, hood, speed gun, battery, cameras holder etc. have always been cheap, but being cheap doesnt means that they have compromised their quality. And on the other hand Nikon is almost double the price of Nikon and providing complex software for their users. Canon human interference is friendly and anyone even noob could even use the camera without any interruption.

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I love the way how you concisely wrote about the pro and cons of photography. I am sure i would be helpful for someone.

By sam, 25 Jan 21


Do add more information.

By El Hopper, 12 Oct 20


Do add more information about photographers.

By Jesi, 07 Oct 20

Helpful in choosing career!

I was looking for some business to start and then I have found this topic here "photography." It gave me an idea to choose it as my career cause I have an interest in it.

By Shawn, 03 Oct 20