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American Airlines

10 October 2020 ❤ 2
American Airlines

Due to the current pandemic situation, most of the people are wondering whether airlines have adjusted according to it or not. Particularly, when you are traveling in the first-class you always want everything nice and sleek

While traveling in American first-class airlines, their flights are categorized into three tiers:

Under 900 miles
900- 2
199 miles and 2200 plus miles.

So, first-class American airlines still lack the following:
No blankets and pillows
No drink before the departure
Service was in disposable cups, no glass crockery

Apart from that, you can expect these things;

For 900 miles:

Alcohol drink and other drinks, if you request
No other snacks

For 900 and 2199 miles:
A bag containing a handcloth, sanitizer, and some snacks. This bag is also given to you in the economy class.
Drinks including alcohol

For 2200 plus miles:

The meal gave in a single tray, instead of the courses
Drinks including alcohol


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