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Technological Advancement

27 January 2021 ❤ 21
Technological Advancement

We all have to admit that we are living because of technology. In the early ages, people had to travel via animals, or on foot to reach their desired destination. But now you just need to take your car and go where ever you want to go. These technological advancements have been providing endless comfort in our life. Before technological advancement, people had to make their food on their own, but now they can make their food more quickly with the help of home appliances in a food processor, which doesnt involve efforts. What if a person is coming from his job and he is so tired and he wants to east something from the hotel? He had to go and buy the food but now with the help of a mobile phone, he could easily order his meals any time via Food Panda. Why dont we thank our god that we are living in a wide range of technology?

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