What Is Cricket

26 January 2021 ❤ 5
What Is Cricket

Cricket is one of the Worlds top loved games with a fan following of 2.5 billion, which makes it the second most popular game in the world after football. Cricket is actually an opportunity for us. It is comprised upon a bat and a ball, and to score runs batsman have to hit the ball with his force away from him and clear the boundary to score the runs. the ball is made up of a hard substance that why batsmen have to wear safety things like helmet, guard, thaipads, gloves to protect themselves.

Only two teams can play a match at a time and each team has eleven players at a time. But during batting, only two people are allowed to bat and others have to wait for their batting. But all of the fielding team should be in the ring and they should try sending the batsman to the pavilion.

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indoor games are life

Playing indoor is also like playing outside when it comes on basket ball, and the risk factor is equal playing inside or outside

By mojo, 29 Jan 21

indoor games

I love to play indoor because they are better then playing outside.

By vore, 28 Jan 21


You guys just saved my time providing the accurate answer for my conflict between cycling and running

By saad, 18 Jan 21

Good to Know!

To participate in sports keeps you healthy and wealthy.

By Chaplin, 12 Oct 20


Sports keep you healthy and fit.

By Charlie, 10 Oct 20


I am a sports lover, and you guys are doing a great job!

By Henry, 09 Oct 20